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Where naïve curiosity meets AI: 5 Interactive New Media Art works surveying effects and implication of media and technology in culture.

These works are prototype simulating processed data to find connections and derive meaning. 

Opening: 6 Sept 2021, 19:00
Continues through to 17 Sept 2021

Opens every day from 10:00 – 19:00

NAFA Tower Block Gallery 1

*From Bencoolen MRT Station DT21. Exit A.Turn right to enter NAFA Campus 1, Tower Block Lift Lobby. Take the lift up to Level 5.




DRAW ME A SHEEP” – a New Media Art exhibition with interactive components was a project conceived through a one-year incubation period, involving dialogues and consultations with the likes of AI Singapore (AISG) , and HAKONO.

This endeavour was realised through the generous funding, support and belief in the paradigm of ‘Research through Practice’ by Collaborative Lab initiative, of the Interdisciplinary Studies & Academic Enhancement, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

Lead by Joey.Spl, alumnus and  former lecturer of NAFA, with four young creative individuals from different cohort of CDE, New Media Art module and NAFA’s Design and Media Programme, namely – Lapassorn Charoenying (Pat), currently undertaking her BA at NAFA, Sanaya C., graduate of NAFA Diploma 2021 cohort, Zoya Bose, and Xue Tong, both undertaking their final semester with NAFA this year.

Commenced as "STE(A)M SPUNK: Where Precision of STEM Meet The Poetics Of A" – a customised short-term curriculum, it is a test-drive for using data as material for art with 3 key objectives.

Firstly – empower students to embrace data literacy in computational creativity. Data, after all, is another language and resource for information to our world. Hence, how might we as creative practitioners, 1) effectively employ this information of our world, 2) eloquently translate this information into a creative experience for ourselves and our others/audiences? As such, empower young creatives to embrace technology in their journey while developing trans-disciplinary knowledge that is imperative for addressing contemporary societal challenges.

Secondly, as creative and critical individuals, we are on the border of awareness, constantly surveying effects and implication of media and technology in our world – largely involving human, nature, arts and culture. How can we interpret the data and translate the information into creative encounters for ourselves and our audiences, especially those who may not otherwise identify information from ones and zeros.

And finally, to offer a safe space to experiment and explore with novel technology and ideas, and bestowing students the resources to apply these knowledge and inquires through manifesting their proposals.


Cosmic Owl's Lunar Clock:

Watching Mountain Watching Series, 2021.

Wood, stone, cement, brass, acrylic, glass, motor, leather.

Jspl- lunar clock sketch_edited.png

Digital Age Folk

 Theoretical AI folk music, 2021.

Installation - Video, specifically compose sound piece employing responses from survey



A worker is both essential and unworthy of a living wage.

Customised program, monitor, raspberry pi and thermal printer.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-30 at 10.23.36 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-08-31 at 12.01.05 PM.jpeg

What Do They Dream Of?

Sleep so sound, dreams so profound what would an AI experience, 2021. 


Wall projection, customised program,

Xue Tong

AI Kid, 2021.

Liquid take the form of it vessel.

Installation - Interactive video animation, and online quiz.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-29 at 9.21.09 AM.jpeg


Deepest gratitude to panel members of Collaborative Lab | Interdisciplinary Studies & Academic Enhancement | Office of Academic Affairs | Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Special thanks to - 
Dr. Joyce Koh, VD, ISAE, SL, and Dr. Rebecca Kan, VD, PRU, SL, for always making time to guide a lost sheep - excuse the pun, for your dedication in imparting knowledge and insights has priceless impact on the students and myself.
Grace Leong, PL, ISAE, SL (Theatre) for following up closely and constantly igniting our momentum with  encouragement and lots of :D and + vibes.
Oscar Ng,  Head, ARO for without your pointers and counsel, this endeavour would not have been awarded the Collaborative Lab funding in the first place. 
Valerie Ko,  SEO, ISAE | OAA for arduously supporting our administrative and logistics coordination - so organize, efficient and meticulous to detail - we would be a mess without you Val! <3
Yang Jie and Wynd Lui co-founders of HAKONO, and alumni of NAFA for graciously giving their time and guidance to each project down to the finest detail, while pinch of humor. 

For without your vote of confidence and gracious support, in funding, time for consultation from beginning all through to fabrication, the works and this exhibition could not have materialized!  (*^3^)/~☆

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