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First inception of LTM, Sold!

This painting was so imbued with presence and vestige, that I got it permanently inked onto me as a totem, to remember not to forget. So yes, the painting came before the tat. I am glad that it was adopted by my dearest friend and co-founder of Artist Caravan, Xiao Yun.

Afterall, more then 20 years ago, as young art students on a pilgrimage towards a certain truth, we found each other, and a fluid crew, at metaphorical campfire, together with another comrade. And since then, our wanderings, expedition, sojourn, campaign, has been some of the most sagacious and contemplative periods in my journey. Very befitting she she should want to adopt this totem. Thank you dear friend.

Title: Light Through Medium - A Commitment, 2016. Ink on paper, Unframed (L) 28 x (W) 19 cm

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