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Sunny Dreamcatchers (NTFH Community Project)

Sunny Dreamcatcher #01: Mandala Curtains was a joint creation by students from Princess Elizabeth Primary School's Art club and the artist. Through a series of 3 workshops conducted by the artist in 2019, the students created individual, colorful Sunny Dreamcatchers which the artist then artfully joined together to create the Mandala Curtain. During the process of making, the children were prompted to channel their positive thoughts and vibes into their Sunny Dreamcatcher pieces, as it will grace and comfort those who visit the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. We would like to thank Princess Elizabeth Primary School, art club students and their dedicated teachers for realizing this together!

Sunny Dreamcatcher #02: Summer Series, Winter Series, as the title suggests is 2 series defined by their respective color scheme. This 2 series was a collaboration between artists - Joey.Spl and Cynthia Foong. In employing their respective forte - Joey in constructing experiences and things and Cynthia in crocheting. Summer and Winter series suggest the cyclical nature of seasons and things that happen, will happen in life - sometimes one goes through a cold and seemingly lifeless winter season, but be reminded of the saying, This too Shall Pass, and there is beauty in every situation and then Summer will come. Through the making of Summer and Winter series, Cynthia and Joey are inspired to continue this partnership and move on to an Autumn and Spring series. These series are also imbued with positive and hopeful vibes for visitors of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

These 2 series were envisioned to be exhibited at the corridor into Ng Teng Fong General Hospital - facing each other, as if in a dialogue, welcoming visitors and encapsulating visitors in positive energy.

Deepest appreciation to Hwee Ping and Benj, from Ng Teng Fong General Hospital - Community relations for making this happen!

Images mostly during WIP/completed but unframed yet stages.

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