Light Through Medium #08

Artwork description: 5 scrims made out of white, translucent fabric with a circle cut out in the centre. Each of this scrim will hang off branches from varying height and distance from each other. (Image below offers a sketch to the intention. )


The sunrays that slide through pockets in the canopy find their way to grace the forest ground. Their illumination focuses, flutters, and sometimes both, as they travel through the cut-out circle and the spaces between these sheer fabrics. The seemingly lightweight fabric moves gently with the forest breeze, further amplifying these light* shifts. This installation intends to reveal to its viewers, the sense of magnificence and ephemerality of where they are right now through these transitory light shifts.


*“ the illumination from the sun; daylight”

© 2015 by : Submission in part for Sculpture at Scenic World 2016

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